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What is the vHWW07?

The vhww07 is the virtual class of the Hahnweidewettbewerb.

How can I participate in the vhww07?
In order to participate, you need the CONDOR flight simulator and the scenery which is downloadable for all on the SPEEDBATTLE homepage. The participation is free.

Where can I announce myself?
To announce, just go to the CondorCompetitionCenter to register and activate vhww07. Afterwards the name in the list of subscribers would have to appear.

When and how are the tasks?
It is flown daily of 12.05 to 19.,05.2007. Neutralizes days are possible. The competition is flown in 4 classes: Open class, 18m-class, 15m-class, Std.class. The classes will change during the competition. There are 7 time zones, which can be selected in the CCC freely: 07:45 UTC > 13:45 UTC > 17:45 UTC > 19:45 UTC > 20:45 UTC > 23:45 UTC > 03:45 UTC.
The scoring system is "Best of five", that means the best five results of the 7 racedays will score. If a prticipant flies less than 5 days, only the flown days will score. Crashing is scored with 0 points.

The first race will start : 12.05.2007, 07:45 UTC. You find the server at the Condor server list. under "vHWW 07 official servers"

The first three winners receive cups.