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19th Apr 2007 - 8:58 pm

Welcome to the official 41. Hahnweidewettbewerb 2007 homepage.

The registration is final now, over 100 crews from 8 nations will participate at the Hahnweidewettbewerb 2007. In the Grandprix-Class are still free spaces, otherwise the competition is very well occupied. Particularly the open class is as large with 24 participants as rarely before.

We look forward to welcome again many considerable pilots out completely Europe to the Hahnweide. As a new special highlight, we will speed up the scoring. Only few minutes after the Loggers are read out, the spectators and pilots can see the provisional results live on a screen and in the Internet. The Hangar was reconditioned in the last weeks of our club members, a new roof and a new heating was installed. However we are sure that we will not need the heating because of good weather; -) Also the cafeteria is still modernized and finished up to the competition.

Parallel to the 41. Hahnweidewettbewerb takes place the 1.virtual Hahnweidewettbewerb with the CONDOR soaring simulator. We have already over 250 (!!!) registrations of pilots from the whole world, who will fly in 7 timezones. Check out the video to see more about the scenery.


19th Apr 2007